YIHUA 938 Tweezers Mini Soldering iron Station Portable Hot Tweezer for BGA SMD repairing 110 220V EU US Plug irons

110V 220V EU US PLUG YIHUA 938D Portable Hot Tweezers Mini Soldering Station Hot Tweezer For
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Station Hot Tweezer for BGA SMD repairing T001


1.High-power heater, tweezers parallel design. When need to remove the electronic components, you can use the parallel tweezers to heating the components and weld joints. It is easily and quickly to removed element without prejudice to the case of peripheral devices. It is used for different weld joints de-soldering ,more suitable for large joints, especially for factory batch job, one time can weld two points, it’s high efficiency.

2.Programmable temperature control, PID technology, the most high-precision PID implant procedures, tracking and detection of high-speed machine tweezers actual temperature and corrected. Magic temperature compensation speed so that the temperature error is small, temperature stability and temperature compensation is much faster than the same type of product.

3. To meet the market needs of different regions, the addition of Fahrenheit / Celsius temperature conversion function, the user can choose according to customary interest.

4.10 minutes fixed sleep function, up to 10 minutes without the use of iron, automatically enter sleep mode, energy and prolong tip life.
5.Parallel electric tweezers design, very convenient for small electronic components,chip, chip removal and installation of welded components. When you need to remove the parallel electric tweezers can be used directly on the welding points across the resistor components for heating.

Technical data




AC 220V±10% 50Hz/AC 110V±10% 60Hz



Temperature Range


Stability of temperature

±2°C(static state)

Work temperature


Storage temperature


Storage humidity


Tip of ground Resistance


Tip of ground Voltage


Temperature display

LED digital display

Celsius/Fahrenheit Display Temperature conversion mode


10 minutes fixed sleep mode


1.Light and portable, with one hand holding it!

Warm prompt: Manual measurement, there is ±5 mm error.

2.New de-soldering design

Parallel tweezers design, to heating two ends of electronic components solder joint, it is easy to remove components, welding two solder joints by once, improved double efficiency;

3.Humanized function


℉/℃ Tem. display mode suitable for people who come from different countries.One keyboard toggle,faster and convenient.

10 minutes Auto-sleep

It was allowed to stand over 10 min to enter into sleep mode and temperature drop to 200 ℃,this design not only for ensure safety,but also can reduce the possible of tips oxidation,then prelong the use life of tips.

4.Better arts and crafts,Quality Cornerstone: Double panel
Technical data

On both sides of the wire and the circuit board are welded parts of the welding, rooted in two fixed line principle, the welding wire is more reliable and durable.

Strong and stable constant temperature output

Why YIHUA products is more accurate with the same temperature display?

1. By touching one’s forehead with the thermometer, it can also perceive body temperature. Some soldering iron companies use circuit simulation thermostat, which is like touching one’s forehead. Yihua Soldering Iron’s built-in temperature sensor uses PID temperature control technology, which is better than a thermometer:

2. If the temperature sensor automatically realizes that the temperature goes below what has been set, the heating elements will release some power for smart warming, maintaining the set temperature of the soldering iron tip in an energy-efficient manner.

Temp. accurately&stable

In general,300~400℃ is our commonly operate range,and 200~300℃ is lower temperature area,over 400℃ is higher temperature area,we seldom use this.

High temp. silicon cord for soldering iron handle

We provide high temp. silicon cord and no any defected by high temperature.

1.Light and portable, with one hand holding it!

Warm prompt: Manual measurement, there is ±5 mm error.

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